I hate to clean

Ever have something you just despise doing? Well, I hate cleaning. I don't really mind straightening things up or doing laundry, they've become habit for me, after a long time of avoidance. I hate the deep down cleaning that some people manage to do once a week. The kind that involves dusting spray and the vacuum cleaner and the blue glass stuff. I hate cleaning toilets and sinks, and with three males using them they get nasty. I hate cleaning showers, although since ours is currently in a dumpster I don't have to worry about that for awhile.

The thing that's so amusing is that my mother loves to clean. She used to sweep the floor every morning and was constantly sweeping, dusting, generally making the house sparkle. I've come to the conclusion that every child wants to be the opposite of their parent. Or maybe my lazy gene overpowers any taught cleaning behavior. Whatever the reason I have to force myself to take the time every morning to straighten up the house, do the dishes, the basic things that mean I dont' live in a pigsty. But you won't find me with the sweeper out unless there is no escape and really nasty dirt.

I walk the fine line between keeping the house clean and keeping myself sane - I really despise sweeping most of all. I have no idea why. Maybe it's just the effort involved to get the sweeper out, then get everything off the floor and out of the way. Corral the cats and kids and push a rather heavy object over the floors. And I always have to get the edge cleaner out. Kids are nasty messy.

And dusting for me is an exercise in futility. No matter how often I dust or how careful I am, in a day or two there's more dropped on top of the surfaces of my house. Ugh. It's like dishes and laundry, no matter how many you do there's always more.

I hate to clean, but I really need to get the sweeper out....


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