Redemption - The Past - Chapter 03

So, I got it finished...amazing no?

Rebellion - DRAFT

Rebellion is my newest baby. I read a really fantastic fantasy a while ago called Tigana . I found it rich in character and it did something amazing - it didn't fall into the trap of "good and evil" that so many fantasies do. I also find it interesting that more women tend to understand and …

Redemption - The Past - Chapter 03 - DRAFT

The beginning of this chapter is set pretty well, but I still have a large chunk of the end to work on, the odie and dido scene is still very rough, and the sera and the queen scene is really choppy.

Suprising Myself

I've had one heck of a week. My hormones decided to go crazy and so I was an emotional wreck. On the plus side, I've discovered that I write better when I'm an emotional wreck.

Redemption - The Past - Chapter 02

I've been going through and lightly editing these, typos and the like

Redemption - The Past - Chapter 01

A reposting of my favorite work, that I should work on more