Windows Builds for Php-Gtk2

I now have working almost automated builds running for PHP-Gtk2 with CVS versions of PHP-Gtk2 and PHP5.2. Almost because
1. I haven't written code to automatically upload the zip files and delete files if there are more than 5 snaps sitting there and
2. I still have to start them manually by calling the .bat file.

Fun with compiling - Gtk+, PHP-Gtk2, and MSVC

So I've been using microsoft visual studio (actually it's Visual C++ Express, but uses the same stuff behind the scenes) to work on getting things compiled on windows. PHP-Gtk2 allows for some nifty extensions, well at least on linux. So I've been working to get versions of libglade, scintilla, gtksourceview and mozembed working on windows. It's …

CC_Tooltips - easy php-gtk tooltip management

This is the first article in a series on the features and usage of Callicore Desktop. CC Desktop is a "framework" for php-gtk2 applications. Basically it includes commonly used widgets and classes to make developing programs quick and easy.

Callicore Desktop - A PHP-GTK2 Framework

I haven't posted for awhile but I've been doing quite a bit of work on Writer, well rearranging actually, to make the code easier to use and manage.

How to Compile PHP5.2 and PHP-GTK2 on Windows using Visual C++ Express

Welcome to the wonderful world of Microsoft Windows
"I'm trying to compile PHP on Windows"

Edin's Treasure Trove - or how to actually get PHP 5.2 compiling on Windows

After Pierre's nice hint after my rant about compile failures (his comment said download this huge file from Edin's site...)

Compiling PHP5.2 on Windows with .Net toolchain - is it even possible?

For three days I fought with compiling PHP5.2 on windows. The point was to be able to compile PHP-GTK2 a little more often (there are at least two bugfixes in CVS that I need for my writer project) and asking on the list/irc for compiled versions got me some smartass answer about "learn to do it …

Writer is shaping up

I had a good portion of writer done before I realized I was copying the same things over and over again - so I took a breath and refactored so I had a parent abstract window class for all those identical windows.  And moved to using GtkActions (by the way - actions make life a LOT …

Php Women

I was on ##php at freenode (I try to be a good php community citizen and help out occasionally, usually for php5 questions even though irc in general tends to attract the not so pleasant aspects of the community) and noticed a little "Girls only need apply" in the topic. So curious that I checked out …

Amusing quotes...

There was a little spat on the php.internals mailing list over the future of dl.  The docs have been updated to say that dl will still exist for cgi and cli in php6.

I didn't set out to be a documentor...

So I've been doing a "daily doc" for php-gtk2. I was on IRC one night and christian weiske was whining about wanting people to help with documentation. Now, I'd never done anything with docbook before (and php/php-gtk's bastardized docbook is even more "fun" than the original) and I was afraid.

Finally! File Upload Progress for php (5.2)

A happy thing landed on the pecl mailing list today - an Upload Progress Meter

Introducing (Callicore) Writer

It's been a month since I've written, more actually. And I have been busy. I like to be organized. I think it has something to do with the fact that my brain is, well, mush most of the time. I have four kids, two cats, and a husband to keep track of, plus all the household … Ficathon is Complete

Ah, I'm such a good girl I finished on time...well after a seven day extension (hey, I spend a week in arizona with four kids...) And I even kept the story under 10,000 words! How did I manage that? Well I kind of "pushed" the ending a bit but it was just a short story so.... …

Windows sucks... but we already knew that

So I've been working on some command line tools and wanted to add some color to the text (red for fail, green for pass... Testing ya know?) Now most console tools allow you to use something called ansi escape codes. The right code and, voila, red text on a white background. This is a pretty basic …

I guess I'm just ahead of the times...

When perusing php-planet today (or is it planet-php and why can't I ever remember?) I ran across an interesting article about changing from zend studio to komodo.

Ask and ye shall receive - zipped pecl4win!

Well now, remember how I said that I loved Edin? I reiterate that statement. Look what he did yesterday. Wahoo, now if they'd just fix the branch link on the page all my grumping would be finished... (why is it pointing to 5.1 instead of 5.2 when the snaps are all 5.2?) Actually, this is …

Just can't stay away

Html_Ajax now has a fully functional xml serializer. I spent the day writing an example and messing with the few javascript items that needed to be fixed. I'm still hitting a strange bug with Internet Explorer (of course) that makes me scratch my head, but for the most part it's working great.


I haven't touched my brother's little project HTML_AJAX in quite a while. First of all I haven't been doing any AJAX, secondly I had some bad experiences with (rather annoying) users when I did help out. But tonight I got bored. Why am I such a flighty person? I "fixed" a couple of bugs for the …

Why I love open source

I go to bed after cheering the fact that 5.2 pecl dll's are being compiled and with a complaint that two I use all the time failed...

Finally.... Pecl4Win with php5.2

I love edin - no really I do. He's so good to us (admittedly nutty) php on windows users. Snaps of php are something I use all the time - heck for a long while the php 5.1 snaps were more stable then the official 5.0 releases (that was a weird time). And then they came …

Callicore Test System

Unit testing is something that every project really should do - so you can see where things go wrong. So as I consolidate some of my junk into callicore I'm trying to make it easier to keep track of. I'd almost like to use trac - but there's something in my soul that rebels against using …

The list

Digging around in my mounds of code I have a couple of things I want to consolidate into the callicore library -


What? I like the name - and the pretty butterfly - so I'm using it for my personal code project.

A beginning and an end

Kalfu is dead - I deleted the svn and mailing lists (after archiving a copy of the code), the domain name will expire tomorrow