Pipes and Contractions

Well my husband is finally getting his butt in gear on the remodeling project again. The shower and tub drains are done, the sink and toilet are almost done (just the vents left). Then it will be time for the water supply. This is an old house so a lot of the current pipe had to …

Another day - nothing done

Another day without real writing or coding accomplished - that's the trouble with kids and real life.

Decoration and Men!!

This is a completely personal entry today. I didn't have time to do any writing or any coding, it was just me and RL (real life) - which seems to suck a little more each day. Today I got in the nesting mood - I have no idea why...

Stomach and Kids, Code and Fiction

ugh - I was all set for a nice start to the new year, but I've just had loads of fun the last few days

Introducing Kalfu

Anyone google Kalfu lately? Well, number 5 on that list (currently) is my "little project" Kalfu. First of all, the name is rather, well, meaningless in a way but no more so than most open source projects. I wanted something that DIDN'T go with the phpmysomething naming or even the yet another blah. Instead I started …

Happy New Years - Resolution Time!

Ah, the new year is here - another "fresh beginning" to make promises that usually never get kept. Nevertheless here's my (hopefully short) list of resolutions.