Hillbilly Baths

Well, the saga of the remodeling continues. My husband forgot to glue one of the pipes, so when he went to turn the hot water on - sploosh.

Ah, running water again

The cold water supply plumbing adventure appears to be a success. The water went on and nothing leaked. The pipes look so much better and the nasty galvanized steel has been removed, hurray!

Day two - Hot water pipes

I slept in my own bed - the bucket and tub of water have been enough for the toilet to function. But I spent another (rather boring at times) day out at my in-laws. I'm glad the older two boys are at their other grandparents for the weekend. They take more energy to entertain.

Day one - Cold water pipes

My older two children are gone for the weekend visiting grandparents who live two hours or so away, so my husband decided to (finally) get the water supply lines done. The supply pipes in the house are an odd mixture of galvanized steel and the occasional length of CPVC in a really odd layout. In fact, …

It's been an entire year...

It's February 16th - exactly one year since the "big remodel" was started. UGH. And still very far from being finished.

Another project