First of the "other open source stuff" for Perisama

In addition to making php and lots of php extensions available for download, I'm also slowly working on getting some common open source libraries and tools (mainly ones used by/for php and php-gtk) compiling on windows. For some libraries this isn't a problem, for others it won't be so easy.

"Patches Welcome" - Open Source Rant

Personal pet peeves of mine

PECL on Windows - Yes I'm odd

So my current project is complete (my build system is working except for the automatic part - need a new nic so it can upload without me repairing the connection...and a new libssh2 that doesn't crash on disconnect) next on my list is the "GREAT PECL WINDOWS FUN HAPPY"...err I'll stop now.



Blog Updated

I finally stopped being lazy and updated my blog to the latest wordpress (even updated my plugins) so if you can't manage to post a comment or find a bug please fling me an email. Someone really needs to create PHP blogging software with configurable templating systems and databases (Habari is looking good, but I don't …


Well, I've been promising to get the autobuilds site "alive" for weeks now - finally you can find what you're looking for at

Php User Streams - why doesn't anyone use them?

Php user streams are amazing - they're powerful, fun, and make things like a templating system with filters and multiple back ends quick and easy.