ZendCon Day 3 - (Beam me home next time)

I didn't think I'd manage to wake up the last day. It had been a very late night and the pasta from the day before gave me an incredibly upset stomach. But the thought of Cory Doctorow made me get up and at it.

ZendCon Day 2 - (Holy Unconference Batman)

Day 2 ... well let's just say we all got up a little later. Day 1 I had been on Eastern time still so at 5:30 I was awake and ready to go, Day 2 meant a more normal 7am wake up. I had meant to sleep in, except that I forgot I had signed up …

ZendCon Day 1 (and how I adopt people)


ZendCon Day 0 (and pre-conf)

I could have been a good girl and blogged each day I was there, but I was generally way too busy for that...so here are my random thoughts and opinions on ZendCon 2007.

Building PHP on Windows - Unconference Slides

Here's a link to my pretty keynote generated pdf for my building php on windows slides. If you have questions or comments feel free to get ahold of me. Now to write slides for the desktop talk tomorrow...oops.