Google Summer of Code - Open for Business

You know a student who needs to make some cash this summer AND likes programming? The Google Summer of Code project is open for student applications, and PHP is one of the organizations in on the fun.

Why I'm ditching Gmail

I use a lot of google's services - gmail for a nice generic address, analytics for my website, google bookmarks to keep my stuff organized. I hadn't had any problems - until today.

The Great Compile Project

yes, goofy name... the goal? All dependencies for PHP (and GTK so PHP-GTK runs smoothly) and PECL compiled on at least Visual Studio 2005 - in a completely transparent process where source changes and project files and built binaries are available to anyone.

PHP-GTK 2.0.0 Released (finally)

For those of you who didn't know - PHP-GTK 2 finally hit a final 2.0.0 release (on leapday of all things). PHP-GTK is a wrapper around GTK, a cross platform library for creating desktop applications. With it you can write desktop apps with PHP. That means no server, just a PHP CLI, the GTK libraries, and …