Why teenagers do stupid things

I read a really interesting article in national geographic about the human brain. It is a really fascinating organ. Did you know that in blind people, the area previously responsible for the eyes will be taken over by the fingers? Seems that the area scientist labeled "for the eyes" is really "for perceiving spatial information" That's interesting because it means the current mapping of the human brain is incorrect, the brain sets aside areas by use, not by body part.

For years we've heard all these sound bytes calling the brain "a computer" but that analogy is incorrect as well. Instead the brain behaves like the internet. No really, I'm not kidding. For example, when your eyes see a picture, they break it down into small electrical impulses and send them to the spatial information part of the brain, where the impulses are deciphered and reconstructed. Yup, just like the internet.

Another interesting fact is that the prefrontal cortex is the last area of the brain to mature. They call it the "executive brain" because it's where we "make social judgements, weigh alternatives, plan for the future, and hold our behaviour in check" In other words, every thing a teenager seems to lack. Well guess what, that part of the brain doesn't mature properly until age 25 - so the insurance industry is the only one who gets things right...

If my kids want to get a tatoo or pierce something, I'll tell them to wait until they're 25



wow thats why everyones so untollerably stupid these days

2005-07-18 11:19 am

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