A sewing room...

Because of the ongoing (for almost a year now...grrr) remodeling project I haven't been able to use my sewing machines in a long time. The problem is the area of the basement I was using for sewing is now a huge mess. Sawdust from drilling holes, plumbing junk laying everywhere. Just nasty. So I need to relocate.

When we first moved here we had a MAJOR leak problem along one of the basement walls. Unfortunately it was in the one finished room of the basement. After ripping up a nasty patio that had been draining water into the foundation and putting up gutters the leaking has halted - as in completely. Only problem is there was some mold and mildew growth on the drywall and general water damage. That means at some point we're going to have to rip that room out and fix it. Blah. And it doesn't have a drop ceiling which is something you really need in basements, especially with plumbing directly above (the kitchen).

So I think I'm going to try to do some basic cleanup and use that room for sewing for awhile, at least until the huge remodeling mess is complete. My machines are going to get ruined where they are now. But that means some heavy lifting, something I really shouldn't be doing. I have two sewing tables to move (not on wheels) plus junk that's currently in there that I'll need to remove. In addition I have a bunch of toys stored in the basement that need to go to the attic for the garage sale. My kids have so many damn toys that I spend literally days going through them and taking stuff out that doesn't get played with or is broken. Note to all family members, my kids need new dressers for their room, no more toys!!

Toys to attic, building supplies to storage cache in basement, torn up materials to garage, rocky's junk (why do guys keep around more crap than women?) to other room in basement, sewing stuff to new location...that's a lot of work, especially when I'm already sore and tired from going through kids junk. I should have gotten a ranch style house.



I am always interested in seeing the before and after pictures when a house is remodeled.rnrn-Brendan

2006-07-06 6:36 pm

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