Actually writing

I actually took some time and wrote today. I've been working on rebellion - I'm not sure why but that's the story that appeared to be popping into my head. I've decided not to release any of it (well, except for some posting here) until the thing is finished. Just makes for happier readers that way.

I really like AU fanfiction - taking the characters and creating a whole new world for them to live. Probably because I'm a big fantasy fan. Hopefully I can get some more done tomorrow.

I've been fighting off fatigue. I slept until ten today, took a two hour nap, and it's ten and I'm still exhausted. I was never this tired with any of my other prenancies, I'm not quite sure what's going on. I keep telling myself this will be over soon and it's the last one...I sure like my kids but being pregnant just sucks. Why can't humans gestate like cats?



I love fantasy too. I have just finished writing about a rebellion in my novel, and for some reason, I found it extremely chalenging.

Anyway, goodluck with your pregnancy.


2006-01-07 11:26 pm

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