Adobe buying Macromedia, what is the world coming to?

Evilness - look at that, Adobe wants to buy macromedia. Can you say MONOPOLY. Besides, flash is just evil. It's real nice for 1. games at kid's sites, 2. fancy shit on "artistic" sites e.g. singers/movies/actors webpages. But flash just to drive people nuts...gah.

I HATE the toonami website because it's so flash dependent. Who cares if the little links at the top change shape? Or use a css rollover. Gah!

So it looks like we still can't kill pdf and swf - which is really too bad because neither is a nice open source format.

All hail our new Adobe overlords.


Charles Wyble

How is pdf not an open format? The spec is published on Adobes site. No royalites are required for use of the format. Sorry. I don't think you are right here. PDF is great. I agree flash is evil. SVG is better. Bye.

2005-04-28 2:26 pm


open format is not open source - adobe still controls who what where when and why with pdf - if they decide to lock it up and throw away the key they can, if they decide to charge royalties tomorrow they can... It's a single company having control of a format

2005-04-28 4:08 pm

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