Ah, running water again

The cold water supply plumbing adventure appears to be a success. The water went on and nothing leaked. The pipes look so much better and the nasty galvanized steel has been removed, hurray!

But since there's no hot water, I got to boil pots on the stove for baths in the morning. No one got more than about two inches of water and I felt like I was back in time 100 years while I carried the water up the stairs. Highly annoying. But it is nice to at least have cold water again. You never realize how much modern technology weaves it's way into your life until you don't have running water or the electricity goes out. Makes me wonder how I'd survive if some awful catastrophe broke down society. How would I deal without running water, gas for heat and hot water, the garbage truck, the grocery store. When I was younger I went on canoe trips and camping trips and figured I could survive like that...but I always knew that I could eventually go home and take a hot shower.

Here's to modern technology and society in general - thank you for my easy life.


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