And finally we see Sailor Moon

Her head hurt. She opened her eyes slowly, the events of the past day brimming over in her mind. First Endo had turned out to be Tuxedo Mask...and Mamoru. And Venus had tried so hard to keep them from getting the Silver Crystal. Beryl was dead at her hand. But Usagi hadn't wanted to fight him, couldn't hurt him. And he'd wrapped his hands around her throat and then.... She clenched her fist and was suprised to find the crystal wrapped in her palm.

"You're finally awake." She rolled her head to the side and grimaced. He was Tuxedo Mask, but without the mask. His eyes were still empty, dark, cold. "It appears you're the only one who can control the crystal. You will weild it in service to my master." His voice was like something dead and cold. She sat up slowly, pushing down the anger that threatened to spill from her lips. How could men be so weak? Endymion, the Shitennou. She saw images flash in her mind, images of the past threatening to overwhelm her. She screamed, pressing her hands against her head, the crystal forgotten at her side. The sound echoed in the stone chamber.

There was pain, so much pain, the sword in her chest, Endymion dead at her feet. Betrayal of his guard, her anger at their weakness. The images and feelings washed over her like a flood, every emotion battering at her mind as though they were chunks of debris. A smack across her face brought the memories screaming to a halt. She hiccuped loudly and tears streamed down her cheeks.

"That's better. Come, you have an appointment." His hand hauled her to her feet by one arm and she swept the crystal up in the other hand.

"What are you going to do with me?" Her voice trembled a bit. Tuxedo Mask smiled.

"You are to be the new body for my master. And together we will rule the universe." Usagi couldn't breath.


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