Baby Morgan Blankets

Ugh - baby morgan used to make the most wonderful fleeced baby blankets. I have a set (a mini-blanket and large blanket) for each of my three older boys (in aqua, baby blue, and white). Only they went out of business in 2002-2003. Now I'm trying to find a pink blanket and mini-blanket for my last baby and I can't seem to find them anywhere. I know they pop-up on ebay from time to time but I want the big fleeced crib blankets and the mini-blankets, not the receiving blankets.

I suppose if I find two of the large blankets I can cut one up and make a mini-blanket - heaven knows I've had to sew the binding back on my older kid's blanket's enough. But even replacing the entire binding isn't a big deal, as long as they don't rip a hole in the thing.

The reason I do the whole baby blanket thing is I had a baby morgan blanket - at least a waffle knit satin edged pink blanket made by JE morgan mills - I still have it although it's in sad shape. Just a nice thing for each child to have, I bring them home from the hospital wrapped in them.



Uhm, hi...Total stalker here ;)rnI was googling for baby morgan stuff (trying to see if you can still buy the cotton ones easily) and saw this post and that it was recent...ish ;)rnrnMy family are total die-hard morgan fans too, since I was born (I still have my 27yr old one!)rnAnd my mom and I have teamed up and been finding them and such ;)rnrnFYI, bright futures blankies are available at EVERY JCP, and they are nearly identical. Infact, I think I like them better because they are softer than brand-new baby morgans (not that i'd know...mine is practically see-thru! lol) but I bought some new ones right before they stopped making them and they are rougher than the bright futures.rnrnSo, you can still buy those locally and they are like 10bucks ;)rnrnMy mom also has started a quasi-buisness making mini blankies (thats why I was looking for cotton ones) using the baby morgan/bright future ones she's been collecting off ebay and such.rnI JUST listed 3 of them ( and she's planning on doing lots more...rnShe's making my son a blue one with nemo binding! yay!rnrnAnywho...thought you might like to know! I know i'd be heartbroken if I wasn't able to find one for my son!!

2006-05-01 6:46 pm


yes, they have lots of em on ebay.

2007-05-10 5:20 pm


My daughter, who is almost five, just lost hers. It was a mini pink one she calls "didi". We turned the house upside down looking for it. She says she didn't take it outside. We have another mini one but it is aqua and just not the same. I will they still made them. I still my have son's packed away(he will be 13 in July) and it is rather tattered. I am just heartbroken that we can't find it. My husband doesn't understand the sentimental value of it. She loves the pink one so I am hoping to find another, possibly on eBay.

2007-06-11 4:51 am


Oh I'm so glad I came across this... I've got a new wee one, and been looking for a blanket like this everywhere for him. (He's such a blankie baby). My mother in law bought one of the Morgan ones for my oldest daughter (now 10) and it's long gone! Thanks for the tip on the Bright Futures ones... will check out JC penney this week!!

2007-06-24 2:42 pm

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