There were two birthday parties today - on for my Grandmother who will be 82 and one for my husband's grandfather, who turned 80. I would have liked to have gone to my grandmother's, but she's in a nursing home and I have at least two children with runny noses who are hacking and coughing. That's not a nice thing to take into a nursing home.

So we only went to the second party, because no one there would get extremely sick from a bad cold. It was rather fun, but they sat me in front of a plate of shrimp. Pregnant woman plus a plate of shrimp equals no more shrimp. I can't believe I ate the whole thing. But I was hungry, and the other items there were either junk food (I don't need more salt) and chili (can you say indigestion?)

I was pretty swollen by the time we got back home. But it did snow today and get cold so it seems like winter again. I really like my new mini-van, makes life so much easier.


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