Boredom is a subjective thing

I seem to be suffering from fits of boredom lately. Not because I don't have stuff to do, in fact I have a TON of things that could be done... it just all seems boring. Strange eh? I keep thinking that one of these days the snow (yes we actually have a little snow) will melt off and the sun will come out and I'll get my normal spring energy burst.

Part of the problem is I don't feel well physically (still). Besides being fat my blood pressure is still creeping upward, the only positive side effect is it gives me nice rosy cheeks. Feet, hands and face are still on the puffy side and the swelling seems to be creeping up my legs. And it's extremely annoying.

So when I sit down to start coding or writing my brain clicks into "I'm in la-la land" mode and won't focus on anything. And when I look at my house and catalouge the work that needs to be done - cleaning cobwebs, dusting, mopping, sweeping et al - my body retaliates and says it doesn't feel good enough for that kind of physical activity. Heck I'm having trouble keeping up with laundry (stupid washer and dryer are in the basement).

If I could, I'd have some caffeine - that usually makes my brain cooperate when it's in this mood. But I can't , so I'm stuck in a "bored with things to do" mode. Maybe it's just that the last part of pregnancy is so damn uncomfortable and boring.


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