Charter Cable weirdness

After my husband started plumbing directly ABOVE my live server (necessitating a total reformat but luckily not getting the second hard drive with data on it) I had to do some fancy rearranging in my house to set up the cable modem, wireless router, server combination. I ended up putting it in the upstairs of the house, which although it meant looping through quite a few more cables inside the house, still had a decent signal. Now either all the wiring from the connector in the closet through the co-axial outlet upstairs went bad, or charter started broadcasting a decreased signal because yesterday the dang thing went dead.

That meant checking all the connections and figuring out how far from the main split in the house I could go. The computer's BACK in the basement again, although this time in another room. However, it also meant pregnant lady on a ladder hooking up the connection - not fun.

I did wayyy too much today and now I'm really sore. Between carrying computer crap up and down two flights of stairs, climbing ladders to fix cable connections, and spending about an hour raking leaves (that my husband didn't get done - grrr - I had like an INCH of mold on my mulched flowerbeds, now they'll have to be sprayed in the spring...AHHH) I'm really sore and tired.


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