Chronicles of Riddick

A little rant/love note this morning for one of my favorite movies - Chronicles of Riddick. First of all, my perception of the film is probably forever colored because 1. I didn't see pitch black until I bought all three movies and watched them in a row, I didn't see any of the three in theaters. 2. I saw Dark Fury (the animated link em up story) before Chronicles of Riddick and 3. I saw the director's cut before the theatrical version of COR.

What does this mean? Well first of all I'm not a Pitch Black apologist. In other words, I went in to COR expecting a big sci/fi fantasy piece, not a horror movie in sci/fi disguise. Secondly, because I saw the movies in order I wasn't totally confused when it came to how pitch black and Chronicles of Riddick fit together. And finally, COR actually makes SENSE when you watch the director's cut. Got, the theatrical version is horrible, crippled...blah. you cannot make a pg-13 movie when your hero is a death machine.

It's in my opinion a great, fairly brain free, story, much like star wars. It's a great space opera with an anti-hero instead of the great guy (Han Solo instead of Luke :) I know it got slammed critically, but they did make money off the DVD. And I see this theme with sci-fi/fantasy stories. Critics don't like them. Seriously, and don't give me that crap about how they like "well done" ones like LOTR - the only reason they gave decent reviews for that movie is they knew the tolkien lovers would skin them alive.

I'm really hoping, now, that they make the rest of the movies that were originally planned for the series since they left the damn thing on a cliffhanger. I really hate cliffhangers.

Here's hoping :)


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