Day one - Cold water pipes

My older two children are gone for the weekend visiting grandparents who live two hours or so away, so my husband decided to (finally) get the water supply lines done. The supply pipes in the house are an odd mixture of galvanized steel and the occasional length of CPVC in a really odd layout. In fact, the hot water line for the kitchen runs 14 feet more than it should which means it takes forever for the kitchen tap to warm up. So this weekend he and his father are going to rip out the old galvanized steel and reorangize and rerun all the water lines. Sound like fun?

The glued pipes have to sit for 24 hours so me and my youngest are heading out to my in-laws to camp for the day. I'll take a nap and find a couple books to read, and I'll get a real shower. (We haven't had a shower in the house since the remodeling adventure began, just an upstairs bathtub with a sprayer attachment...)

I'm looking forward to the finished product, and this will finish almost all of the plumbing adventures.


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