Day two - Hot water pipes

I slept in my own bed - the bucket and tub of water have been enough for the toilet to function. But I spent another (rather boring at times) day out at my in-laws. I'm glad the older two boys are at their other grandparents for the weekend. They take more energy to entertain.

I had a horrendous headache last night - the kind that make you see little lights and don't let you even sleep. I probably should have gone to the doctor but I have a real fear of going to the emergency room and them telling me nothing is wrong. So I went to bed quite early and after about four hours the headache let up enough for me to sleep.

Today my husband and father-in-law are doing the hot water supply lines. They're just using CPVC because copper is a real pain to work with. It's better than galvanized steel, anyway. I looked inside the pipes that were ripped out and there was a nasty coating of gunk on the inside. Just thinking that was in my water all the time is icky.

This morning I've been a bit dizzy but that may just be the fact that I'm not on my usual schedule and my blood sugar is really really flakey lately.

Here's hoping I get hot water tomorrow!


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