Doll stuff

I got my stuff today! Amazing how stuff can get from wisconsin to here in a day :) And takes four days to come from New Jersey (WTH?) Anyway, most of the things I got are really beautiful, too bad I dont' have anywhere to display them. Now I need a horse to go with the sleigh, I'll probably leave it stored until next christmas. All my dolls are wearing Victorian outfits at the moment and look really great.

Too bad I'm one of those annoying people who want to "collect everything" - although I forgot to order one thing for my Samantha doll, I have everything for her and Kirsten now. One doll at a time. American girl recently retired some books and I'm finding them rather difficult to get ahold of, I have all the ones I'm missing ordered, we'll see if they show up.

I need to stop being lazy and get some stuff up on Ebay, I have a ton of stuff to sell and a credit to use. Last year at some point someone hijacked by ebay account (lovely) and used my credit card to post a snowmobile (that never even sold) - I'm not quite sure what the point was, but such is life. I got that mess straightened out and now I have this credit to use up and a ton of doll stuff, old toys, and general miscellaneous. I suppose I just need to take some pictures and get it moving. Anyone else do a lot of selling on Ebay? I'm hoping it doesn't suck up my life :)


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