Finally.... Pecl4Win with php5.2

I love edin - no really I do. He's so good to us (admittedly nutty) php on windows users. Snaps of php are something I use all the time - heck for a long while the php 5.1 snaps were more stable then the official 5.0 releases (that was a weird time). And then they came up with the very lovely Pecl4Win (which I frequent all the time :) However, there is a snag in the system. As I grouched about in an earlier post there were no php 5.2 branch snaps available.

And today as if by magic 5.2 branch compiles start - HURRAY. I actually had to downgrade my poor php version because I was working with getting xdebug code coverage to work and didn't have a working xdebug dll for 5.2... so sad. Luckily my procedure for up/down grading php is very simple... stop apache, download a snap, put in c:/program files/php, unzip, grab pecl4win dlls, throw em in /ext, start server

Well, that's the theory, in practice several extensions I do use a lot didn't compile - want a list? memcache and xdebug - unfortunately these are used a lot....

The compile log has xdebug's problem - I read something on the internals mailing list about them chaning the memory management.... there was a big long thread about memory and keeping track of usage, but I don't know enough about php internals to have a clue what's going on (nor do I really want to, my brain is full enough) I suppose I should gripe on the xdebug mailing list or something...I hate having to join a mailing list just to post to it...
Oh and BTW the link should be moved to the 5.2 dlls and pecl4win really needs a packaged download of all successfully compiled dlls for people like me who like to play. Someday I'll get crazy enough to write a script that automagically updates php and all my extensions.

Update: the compile problem's already in the bug tracker for xdebug... since 2006-07-27 - ARGH...
I might report the memcache error - pecl is a much nicer place to throw bugs up...


Edin Kadribašić

Thanks for the kind words :)

Btw Derick fixed xdebug so that's available for 5.2 too now.

2006-08-11 5:55 am


It's in the bugtracker... but its also fixed already. Forgot to fix it in the bug system :)


2006-08-11 7:04 am

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