Graphic Designers vs. Html Gurus

Ugh - I did a design this week, half of monday and all of tuesday, actually. I've never actually tried to do a logo design/layout in that amount of time but I managed. I've remembered something I've always known about myself. I'm not a graphic designer.

Now I'm very good with html - I can take just about any image, layout idea, whatnot and translate it into clean, easy to hack up/use css and html, but the actual ideas themselves are difficult for me. I think the biggest problem has always been the fact that I can't draw. Don't laugh, it's not funny, even my stick people come out deformed. I can't draw ANYTHING.

I do well with color design and even layout but trying to figure out the "fancy" things that make websites look flashy (ugh, not flash, flash is evil but that's another story) I just have difficulty. That's why I haven't done anything with my default wordpress theme. I could write a new one but this one seems to work just fine, and if I have a new theme on here I want it to be original, not a prepackaged deal.

Well, and my laziness is a factor....but on with the story.

The other thing that bugs me is graphic designers who are really good at what they do - but try to do the html/css as well - and SUCK. Notice the capitals. I personally believe that the thing that makes a good graphic artist does NOT (usually, notice the disclaimer) make for a good html/css creator. One is more intuitive, one more logical - and though I'm living proof that both can reside in a persons head, the majority of people tend to lean one direction or the other.

I wonder if there are ways to improve design skills that don't involve throwing too much money and institutions of higher learning or just plain being born with the potential.

Enough ranting for now - and note to all those out there - if you have a line in bold or strong above a table, put it as the table caption and use css to make it perdy....jeez.


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