Happy/Merry Christmas/Birthday to Me

I finally sat down and used a bunch of my gift cards and ordered myself something nice for my birthday/christmas. I love shopping online, you can find what you want (even out of print books) and I don't have to go tromping around with three kids and a fat belly (I hate stairs).

I've been collecting American Girl dolls since...grrr...1988. I was in fourth grade and fell in love. Now I have four of the dolls and two completed collections. The company was originally called Pleasant Company and the quality was high, even if the prices were as well. Mattel bought the company in the late 1990's and has done some really annoying, stupid things. Including changing lots of items from wood/metal to plastic, generally poorer quality items, and retiring a LOT of the "core" of the collection. I wish the historical dolls had split off into their own company, because Mattel does seem to do a good job with the "girl of today" line. But I don't care/want a modern doll. The whole point of it for me was the historical aspect, the learning.

So I got myself some new doll stuff, a bunch of books (I love books), and now I'm watching my wonderful ups tracker and laughing about how my doll stuff is beating the books - how weird is that?

Oh, I'm going to be so old....my birthday is this weekend....


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