Hooks in Pff

So I finally sat down and started working on coding again, I swear this stupid michigan weather is playing havoc with my brain. I like sunshine, and the more I get, the more I want, but a few days of sun followed by a week of clouds is not good for you.

The hooks feature is now integerated into pff, it took me a while to decide exactly how I wanted to do it, but it works jim dandy now. All pages are set up with a module, class, and action - then you can override each class and action optionally, also you can hook pre and post hooks around the entire thing, each module, each class, and each action. Probably the override will be most useful for extensions, while the hook stuff will probably get used by other modules. - I have a test class that does really boring hooks right now, but a timer class is a really good example of an overall hook - the prehook calls the timer start method( you can decide whether to call your hook method statically or not) and the posthook calls the stop method and tacks on a line to the html displayed - pretty cool

That should give module and extension authors all the power they should ever need :) But we'll see

Now I just have to get the template stuff in order.


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