Inspiration in strange places

I was just browsing through the other night and thought back to some of the really great stories that have influenced who I am and the way I write. So in this short piece I'll highlight some of the varied stories that have made my day.

Blood Moon is the very first Sailor Moon piece I ever read and probably has a great deal to do with the darker chapter that most of my stories follow. It's a wonderful work and though the characters still make me scratch my head (Usagi and KUNZITE??) it is well done and believably done in a fascinating manner. A definite must read for anyone who knows anything about Sailor Moon.

Possession, although unfinished, is one of the best characterizations of the relationship between Bulma and Vegeta (Dragonball Z) that I've ever seen. Both dark and brooding and yet with a strange way of showing how relationships can walk a fine line between love and hate.

Birthright is a very long, but very good "infinities" style star wars story - you know, a what if that drags you from the death star to Mara and Luke's wedding in a believeable way.

Prophecies - A gundam wing fantasy AU _ although the writing is inferior to most other pieces on this list, the storyline and ideas - the creative parts of the story - are exceptional and the relationships between the characters are for the most part a good balance, although it does touch on yaoi at times it's actually realistic for a change.

Red Dragon Tetralogy Probably the "holy grail" of unfinished fanfictions for dragonball Z fans - this story has it all, action, adventure, and the dark, full tone that I love from the author.

Just a few good random fiction pieces to liven your night :)


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