Well, I've been promising to get the autobuilds site "alive" for weeks now - finally you can find what you're looking for at

A brief background on the project. Windows systems do not get much love in open source. Although many projects will compile and work on windows, the work of porting can be a pain. And even ported stuff often doesn't get maintained and the patches needed to compile often don't make it back into the mainstream packages. Also windows users are really rather hampered by Microsoft's "closed off" compiler. You pay or you can't play (unless the project supports MinGW or you want the stripped down free 2005 compiler) And unlike with linux, it is non trivial to set up a useful compile environment (although actually compiling isn't that bad once things are set up)

I started perisama with the simple goal of providing windows snapshots for php-gtk2. From there the idea expanded into providing additional builds for all of php and pecl (and additional cool extensions I've been finding) with several MS compilers (I still don't have a copy of Visual Studio 2003 (MSVC7) - if someone wants to pitch in then I'd have all three versions I could do builds with) in several flavors, including the elusive debug versions. I've been hunting down compile errors in pecl extensions and running after additional external libraries as well, for the simple reason that PHP extensions are cool, PECL is cool, and PHP on windows is useful and fun.


Fernando Correa da Conceição

This is simple a very very usefull work!
I participate of a mailing list in portuguese, and sometimes we post examples and other articles, based on php-gtk on linux, build from cvs, so the windows user simple mail us and tell that it do not work, but this is caused by an outdated version.
I know that make this builds must not be a easy todo.

Thanks very much!


2007-05-14 7:11 pm


I now have a msvc7 compiler (thank you mr. joe stagner of microsoft) so I'm builds in all three versions and flooding with windows build fixes ;)

2007-05-30 9:30 am

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