Let's add Mako to the mix

She didn't like dark, closed spaces. Makoto flipped her ponytail over her shoulder in an impatient gesture and sighed loudly. A big, fat, dark, smelly cave was not her idea of a good time. She'd almost rather be running around in the snow again. She and Minako had raced through the hordes of youma while Ami and Rei tried to draw the creatures off. The snow had stopped, rather abruptly, at the edge of a giant circle of broken pillars and stone. Great black megaliths that stretched into the gray sky. Minako had dissapeared somewhere in the fight, her sword throbbing with some kind of energy. And Makoto, Sailor Jupiter, had the fabulous luck of falling in a hole.

She really wanted to call a bit of lightning so she could see where the hell she was, but her powers were long since exhausted. She was exhausted. Sailor Moon was missing and Makoto was so damn cold she couldn't feel her toes. And she really hoped there weren't any bats in the cave. She hated bats. A shiver ran down her spine.

She moved forward slowly, one hand out in front of her face. She'd smacked into a rock earlier and had no intention of repeating the embarassing event. Her hand met something solid, and slightly warm. A puff of warm air blew in her face and she looked up. But the darkness was so thick she couldn't see anything. She stayed there for a long moment, her brain refusing to function.

"Are you lost, little senshi?" She recognized the voice and took several steps backward. A hand gripped her wrist and she found herself plastered against a hard chest. "Now now, don't be running away. It's dark and you might hurt yourself." The arrogant lilt in his voice and the satisfaction that oozed from his words made Mako mad. Her knee lifted upward and she was rewarded with a high pitched groan and the release of her hand. Then she ran.

She stumbled over rocks and holes, her heels less than optimal for a race in the pitch black. A giant hand smacked against the back of her head and she found herself planted cheek to cheek with a slimy stone wall. A second hand deftly twisted her arms behind her back and lifted her up on her toes. She bit her lip to keep from making a sound.

"That really wasn't very nice, little bitch." Mako whimpered as he twisted her arms a bit harder. She tried to kick one of her legs backward but a sharp smack on her behind stopped the movement. "I'd watch it if I were you. I'm not a very nice person when I'm pissed off. Come on, little senshi. You have an appointment with Metallia." Mako gulped loudly as the cave dissapeared in a flash of blinding light.



ohhh *.* neph is really hot in this one *.* please continue *.*;;

2005-03-23 10:01 am


I'm loving all of these little ficlets! Looking forward to more as usual ;)

2005-03-30 9:06 pm

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