Let's go back to the very beginning...

AN: I was reading…well of course I was reading… the Sailor Moon manga and this little gem of a story popped into my brain. Let’s do my version and keep them shitennou boys alive and…well you’ll see It’s a little boring here at first if you do know the story – just keep up and find my changes 

Act 1 – Usagi AKA Sailor Moon

Ikuko clucked her tongue. She glanced at the clock on the living room wall and back down at the newspaper idly ruffled in her hands. She lounged back on the couched and sighed. Shingo had been a bear this morning and she’d just finished shoving him out the door. Why were kids so thoroughly uncooperative about school? She’d love to be able to be young and carefree again. She glanced at the clock again and clucked her tonge a second time. Eight o’clock. School would be starting in about fifteen minutes, that’s if there wasn’t a discrepancy between the school clock and the one on the wall. She glanced down at the paper again. The lazy girl was still asleep. The headlines in her hands were cheering Sailor V for grabbing another group of criminals. Ikuko sighed loudly. Her daughter wasn’t a responsible crime fighter. Her daughter couldn’t even get up for school on her own. She’d warned Usagi that she wouldn’t be hauling her out of bed anymore. After all, Usagi was in eighth grade now, fourteen years old, almost an adult. In the silence the ticking of the second hand was deafening. Finally Ikuko couldn’t take it anymore.
“Usagi, it’s past eight o’clock.” Her voice was loud and commanding, and it echoed up the stairs easily. Ikuko had mastered the art of that yell over the years. An answering shriek and several loud thumbs made Ikuko wince in sympathy. Usagi was awake now. For a moment she couldn’t hear anything. And then there was another thump and the sound of a door slamming. Ikuko sighed. At least Usagi would get quickly, she didn’t wake up and act like a zombie. That was Shingo’s morning trick. Ikuko scanned the Sailor V story and again wondered how such a young girl could do so much good for the community. She lamented over her daughter’s rather childish behavior and silently prayed that someone somewhere would eventually make Usagi grow up.

The minute hand moved over the two and Usagi flew down the stairs in a flurry of skirt and hair. She missed the bottom two steps completely and only forward momentum kept her from landing on her face. Ikuko smiled sadly. Usagi wailed some kind of rather rude complaint about not being woken up on time, but Ikuko ignored the ramblings and returned to her newspaper. Usagi grabbed her bag and lunch off the table quickly and left, slamming the door behind her. Ikuko heard the patter of shoes on the sidewalk outside, but even that noise faded into the distance.

“Usagi, it really is time for you to grow up.”

Usagi didn’t have any self-delusions. She knew exactly what she was, a somewhat cute, totally spoiled, bratty crybaby. She mentally sighed and tried to run faster despite the burning in her lungs. She rather liked being a spoiled child and wasn’t looking forward to all the new grown-up stuff her mother was suddenly pushing at her. She didn’t want to grow up. It meant trouble and responsibility and having to pay attention in class. And no more whining. Usagi knew was a whining queen and didn’t know if she could make herself give up that crown. She pushed the depressing acknowledgement of her character aside and focused on the one thing that never failed to cheer her up. She could whine about anything, anytime, anywhere, so she’d whine about going to school, even while running top speed so she wouldn’t be too late.

“Oh no, I’m going to be late. Jeez, why didn’t mom wake me up sooner?” She dragged out the last syllable so it sounded like the call of a whale. There was no one around to hear the wonderful stretch but she didn’t mind. It was perfect. She huffed, trying to catch her breath. “Mornings are so rotten, I don’t want to go to school, and I’m tired.” She could feel a few tears of frustration trying to break free and mentally berated herself for being a crybaby. Whining and self-centeredness she could handle, but the tendency to lapse into tears was too much even for her low standards. So she mentally sifted over her morning for more fodder. She hadn’t eaten breakfast or even brushed her teeth. But the ensuing breathless complaints only dredged up guilt. A hidden corner of her mind, the part that liked to remind her of homework and other responsibilities, chimed a series of memories of her mother warning that Usagi was old enough to get up by herself. She mentally stuck her tongue out at the self-lecture and failed to pay attention to what was right in front of her.

She hit the creature straight in the stomach with the ball of her foot and the surprising surface made her pitch forward. Only quick hands stopped her from kissing the cement. Her knees weren’t as fortunate.

“Owww that hurt.” The long whine was accompanied by a pitiful sniffle and Usagi found herself fighting the urge to burst into tears. She was having a really rotten morning. She took a few gasping breaths and brushed her hands against skin that was thankfully only scraped, and not torn. She stood slowly, wobbling a bit, and her mind finally registered the animal she’d so ignominiously tripped over. The cat was small, black, and just about the cutest thing Usagi had ever seen.

She moved towards the creature, words of concern and apology spilling off her lips. The little thing meowed piteously and Usagi scratched the poor thing behind one ear. The animal seemed thin, but not injured, and Usagi was mentally plotting how to sneak the kitten home with her. She’d always wanted a pet. She nuzzled the kitten’s nose and was rewarded with the cat going crazy. The animal hissed and flung it’s paws around, claws extended. That’s when Usagi noticed the band-aid. It was on the animals forehead and the creature seemed desperate to remove it. She cooed at the creature, asking it to settle down, and pulled off the bandage. The cat leapt from her arms and Usagi swung around quickly. The two stared at each other for a long time and Usagi felt a chill run down her spine. A ringing bell finally broke the trance and Usagi took off at a run.

“I’m in trouble again.”


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