More fun with webcomics

I get these little "binges" where I go out and run around the net looking for fanfiction and webcomics when I get bored - so for today, some really good webcomics.

First of all, a very very pretty manga style piece - redemption I like it so far although it's not very far into the story, and it's heavy on elf-lore and has really pretty boys and girls.

Then there's earthsong which is probably one of the most beautiful online comics I've seen in a while - full color and great characters, although it also isn't very far into the story.

9th Elsewhere is a great looking piece that is totally nuts as well, a look into the psyche of a young girl with some really great humorous moments.

Shades of Grey is a very dark piece that deals with a heaven/hell theme, but not in the usual way. Not for the squeamish or religious.

Cascadia, like earthsong, is an exceptionally well drawn piece. I'm not thrilled with the whole "set the story as a flashback" theme, but the storyline is self is pretty good so far.

Then a couple of finished pieces for those who don't like to wait for updates:

Mixed Myth is a totally irrevrant, completely hilarious look at "elf stories" and made me laugh my pants off.

Demonology 101 is a completely different and very nice take on "demons in the real world", and although the drawing style is very different, the storyline is great and the drawing is much better by the end of the story.

Well, that's enough recommendations to keep you reading for quite a while.


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