Moving on - goodbye (and good riddance) Wordpress, hello Habari

Anyone who has ever spent 5 minutes with me talking about PHP applications knows there are some things I hate. I hate bloat, and frameworks, and code that involves lots of &'s

You'd also hear my rant about my least favorite application, and community. Yes, I'm speaking of Wordpress. What you might not have realized is I've been using wordpress for my personal blog for a LONG time. As in, I installed one of the first versions after the b2 fork.

If you didn't know that wordpress was a fork of another piece of software, well today you learning something. I tried being involved in the community in the early 1.x lifetime of wordpress but found myself quite annoyed by the fact that it wasn't really open source, nor was any importance put on the things I was interested in - namely performance, security, and flexibility.

It's always been about the features. Well, you do sell more that way.

Anyway, after struggling through multiple upgrades and headaches I finally had the wordpress install flip out after the 3.0.1 upgrade. So I decided to stop being lazy and move off the software which had given me many years of use... and a lot of headaches.

So I'm giving habari a whirl. The Install script had some issues (it really doesn't like it if you get errors on install... nor are the errors useful in any way shape or form... I found myself writing a quick PDO script to get the exception so I knew what to fix)

But the rest of the process - the install, the import of all my data - went cleanly and quickly.

I'm also trying fontdeck - and interesting project put on by the clearleft and omniTI folks. I like it so far... but I have to go find my Visa because they're too good for Discover.

Here's hoping this is the beginning of an equally long friendship with my new publishing system of choice.



Hi Elizabeth,

Glad to see another lady joining the habari fold! :) I'm a Habari user and I do hope you'll write about your experience as time goes along. Looking forward to more of your posts especially if you're making theme tweaks or any nice changes to your vanilla Habari install! Cheers! Don't forget to add your site to the wiki list of Habari-powered sites in the wild.


2010-10-03 6:19 pm

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