My Mod idea...

Well, they're doing a mod/plugin contest for wordpress and lots of people have been whining for a pear::db solution for wordpress - so starting april 15th I'll be hacking up a class to emulate the calls from wp-db and using pear::db as the backend. I'll also have to create a way to parse and substitute queries for the engines that can't/don't support the nasty nasty sql wordpress uses so I don't have to touch many files.

Are we having fun yet...

Anyway, it will be another version of the wp-db hack I did earlier, but will allow more dbs to be used - however I'm not testing all the databases - I'll simply allow each db to have it's own "query map" for fixing stupid queries.

But I can't start on it until april 15th so I have some down time here. Yeah fun for me


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