I started making lists of stuff I need to get done before the "big day" (which, by the way, is April 19th unless I try to go into labor sooner). It's amazing how messy my house has gotten, I simply haven't had the energy to get the work done. Doesn't help that the sun is shining (finally) which always makes me get into the cleaning mood.

So I have a list of stuff to do to get the baby's room ready, several lists of cleaning for several other rooms in the house, and a list of my lists. Actually I like to use a little todo list program. I keep thinking I'll hack into the code and tweak it for my needs, but that's yet another thing I just don't seem to have time for. I need time management softwear implanted in my brain. But that would probably push out the already existing grocery list brain software that most moms seem to develop. The one that can remember if we have enough toilet paper and diapers and whether I need to get sliced cheese and bread and... It's rather an amazing feat really but I sometimes wonder if the thing is sucking up all available brain ram :)


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