Oh how I hate software failure

I want a computer that is intelligent enough to say "hey, my RAM is crap and needs to be replaced" or "my motherboard is having issues, get a new one" - instead I get a magic Blue Screen of Death (TM microsoft) with a useless stop error. So I'm quite aware that somewhere on that machine a piece of hardware is failing but I don't know what or where and I don't really have the time (or money) to buy replacements for each thing to test and see what's gone bad. Since the thing seems to work with remote desktop without blue screening most of the time it's probably a graphics card problem. Course it could be bad memory too - yeah yeah, the RAM was cheap (read free). I know it isn't the CD-ROMs or Hard drives at least...

In other news, I am alive. It's been (jeez I have to check) over a month since I've posted anything. But I have good excuses. Like a hardware problem somewhere in my usual computer, and a laptop that hadn't been touched in so long it wasn't even a member of the domain and took more than two days to get up to date. And a newborn and three boys including one who is two and thinks he has to get into everything.

For my next trick, I get to take four kids on an airplane to Arizona in the summer for my brothers wedding.... that will be fun. And then there's T-ball and Baseball and Swimming and Tennis and Summer Camp. A trip to Chicago to go museum hopping, the annual Toledo Zoo fun, a trip to Detroit to see the Ford Rouge plant and the Tigers (who are actually GOOD for once) - well technically I'm not going on that one, just planning it. In any case I'll be running around like a chicken with my head cut off all summer.

In addition the baby is six weeks old, I'm six weeks healed...diet and exercise time. I only have 60 pounds to lose (d'oh). Wouldn't be so bad but I'll only have two months until the wedding (ah the baby fat forever immortalized in pictures) and another two weeks after that until my ten year high school reunion (which I'm tempted to skip...but I skipped the five year because I was eight months pregnant in August and the dang thing was outside...stupid planners...)

So I've gotten very little done lately even though I'd LIKE to be coding and LIKE to be writing. Instead I'm doing mongo loads of laundry and feeding the baby and yelling and cleaning up after the two year old and trying to keep my house from becoming a trash heap. Simply not enough hours in a day and I'm already getting very little sleep. I need to prioritize my projects, but my brain doesn't work that way. I'm a flitter... I work on what I feel like working on and usually have ten million things going at once (which drives other people nuts and means I never finish anything).

And looking back at my New Years Resolutions (which seems like it was just yesterday) my track record isn't too whippy. I will survive, but boy is it depressing. And just so you all know, post-partum depression is with me again, so if I dissapear for awhile...that's why. My hormones just seem to do weird things after babies.


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