Pff and Widgets

Well I'm down the nitty gritty of the pff stuff now, I'm to the point where I'm actually starting to create modules. Right now I'm writing standarized "widgets" for common html stuff. They're designed so the model information - such as the names and types for a form, can be manipulated until the widget is assigned to a template - at that point the widget becomes locked.

After locking, only the display stuff can be altered. This means that you create a form widget, add all your information, and then the template creator can do things like pick a div, table, or semantic layout, add classes and ids to tags - and then echo the form and it will magically be created in perfect xhml :)

This will do two things - it will make commonly created items easier - pff will ship with a table, form, pager, and menu widgets - and it will also keep template authors from mucking up the internal stuff that shouldn't be changed - for example, the form should always have these fields with these names. It also makes extensions more powerful because they can alter the already existing form/table/whatnot.

Anyway - progress is being made, My svn repo always has whatever's been checked in. I really need to get a nice xsl sheet setup for that but haven't taken the time yet, and there's little help on the web. Subversion is still a bit touchy feely figure it out on your own....


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