Pregnant women are weird

I'm in week 25, almost 26 right now, that's if my due date is right (I didn't see a doctor until I was at least three months in and they didn't do any ultrasound until my LMP estimate put me at 20 weeks). That ultrasound put me back almost three weeks, but I'm not sure how accurate it really was. First of all, I had been sick (as in gastrointestinal, on my back, nothing to eat for almost three days because I was retching with stomach flu sick) for almost two weeks directly before the ultrasound. Then they estimated the baby was three weeks back and less than the 3rd percentile in weight. So then they did another ultrasound a month later - and behold, the baby was at the 50th percentile. Now something didn't get done right. Quite frankly I'm sure my dates are screwed.

Anyway, I'm finally to the point where my bellybutton is dissapearing. My biggest problem at this point is lack of sleep. I LOVE to sleep on my back, but doing that with a pregnant uterus pushing on your main vein does some weird things (like preventing blood from your lower body from returning to your heart) and makes you damn uncomfortable. Only problem is I can't hardly SLEEP in any other position. Combine that with indigestion and a husband who thinks he has to watch TV until midnight and I just don't get enough sleep.

I'm also incredibly moody lately. I can't seem to focus very well, and doing very cerebral tasks is getting hard. (Don't laugh, studies prove pregnant women get stupid...grrr...hormones) Anyway, that means I haven't been doing much in the way of coding or writing. I just can't hardly concentrate long enough - hence why the recent blog entries read more like a diary and don't head into codeland.

I'm also worried because I've started swelling up and getting lightheaded. I had toxemia/pre-eclampsia with my first baby and it is NOT something I want to repeat. Unfortunately, all the symptoms can be attributed to simply being pregnant. Shortness of breath, dizziness, headaches, swelling in hands and feet. Real lovely. Except that I'm not NEARLY as huge with this pregnancy as I was with the others, which makes me worry more.

We'll see how this goes, I head back to the doctor on thursday


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