Remodeling is always fun

So we're doing a big remodeling project for the house. The idea is to turn a hallway/bathroom/bedroom area into just a bedroom and a bathroom. The hall is a major waste of space. But this is an older house, circa 1950's, so you never know what you'll find behind the walls.

And boy did we find a lot. First of all, the thing had layers like an onion. Wallpaper over wallboard over paneling over nasty stuff that roughly resembles 2 foot squares of drywall, but it's crumbly and nasty. So down all the walls go...and the exterior walls don't have insulation or a vapor barrier, oh no, they have ....CARDBOARD. I kid you not, old cardboad boxes just nailed to the outside wall. Jeez, the things you find in old homes. Then the ceiling actually has insulation, this old rock wool stuff that's just plain nasty to take out. So we move along and notice that there's a problem. The hallway has these two walls running parallel right? Well one is the main load-bearing interior wall for the house, runs the whole length of the house. The other wall that makes the hallway is about one third the length - approximately nine or ten feet, and about three or four feet from the main wall. So the dingbats ran the floor joists for the second floor from the outside wall, and instead of continuing to the main load bearing wall, like in the rest of the house, the area with the second wall has the joists split at the first wall, and at the second wall. So there's little five or six foot joist segments lying across the two walls...

It simply amazes me what you can find in old houses. The wiring is this old black stuff with most of the insulation frayed off that makes me nervous just to look at it. Can't wait to get that out. And the plumbing for the bathroom is iron pipe, instead of pvc. This is gonna be fun :)

Most of the house had been remodeled at one point or another before we bought it. The upstairs had been completely gutted and redone, including adding a bathroom. The living room and dining room had also been gutted, and the dining room expanded. Also a second bedroom on the main floor had been gutted and redone. The living room and bedroom still each have window that need to be replaced, and the old fireplace in the living room is probably going to be replaced at some point with an electric drop in style one. That leaves the front door/entrance area that needs something accomplished, and the closet in the back bedroom that didn't get done with the rest of the room.

The rooms left to finish include the bathroom/bedroom area we're doing now, the kitchen, and a back addition that is the stupidest thing imaginable. They didn't expand the whole width of the house. Instead the addition is about six feet narrower on one side. What the??

Anyway, I still like the house a lot, despite it's oddities. The large yard, fenced back yard, and garage are great reasons in themselves. It's really nice to have a LARGE lot in town. And I like doing remodeling, maybe I just watch too much hometime, but it's fun to turn a previously...well...ugly space and turn it into something lovely and useful.


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