Resolution Time

Once again, here is the all powerful New Years Resolutions list - most are of little interest to others but it helps me to write it down. I've found very specific things tend to get done better than generalized items:

  1. Personal
    1. 1700 calories a day - healthy menu
    2. One hour of ballet a day
    3. 30 minutes walking a day
    4. approx. 1lb per week for 50 weeks - 50 pounds off in one year
    5. Get to doctors and dentist on regular basis
    6. Be more girly (shave, nails, hairdresser, use makeup...)
    7. Clean one room per day (as in vacuum, dust, mop, etc.)
    8. Keep up current good track record with dishes, laundry, and general house straightening
    9. Be better about bedtimes and waking up early
    10. Structure children's time to include one-on-one time with me and husband each week
    11. Get kids into karate programs (need more physical activity)
    12. Organize shopping, cleaning, mending, sewing, laundry, ironing, baking to maximize time

  2. Code and Work
    1. Write one article per week ( alternate short and long) for following publications.


      3. php-gtk documentation or override

      4. callicore, perisama or general php/php-gtk item

    2. Create Perisama and Callicore charts for basic activities (getting them up and running

    3. Perisama and Callicore into alpha by june, beta by december
    4. Auto php-gtk2 builds running (with no interaction from me)

  3. Projects
    1. Blog ajaxy redesign

    2. Spring clean house including carpets

    3. Bedroom - new comforter, rugs, drapes, etc

    4. Same for bathroom after it's finished
    5. Part time contract position to bring in some extra money without letting it cut into my life too much
    6. Sell vast quantities of crap on eBay to get it out of my house

Yes, I'm sure most of that was greek to readers, but it means a lot to me. So far I haven't had a real great day, but the kids are home for another week (stupid school system with its stupid holiday break giving all the time after christmas so everything was shoved into one week...idiots) and I need to set up the new job I'll be doing so... these won't be resolutions that magically just happen overnight. I'll have to work at adding in new good habits one by one...



Hola,Chica!\r\nQuite the To Do list going...\r\nCurrently obsessing over wanting to learn to sew(!!)..Any of your "crap" via Ebay would be cool:)\r\nNice site design...Yes it's all Greek to me..I don't mind.\r\nPeace,\r\nSarah

2007-01-23 6:57 am

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