Sailor Moon Fandom

Sailor Moon is slowly dying. I find it sad, a bit depressing. You see, there was the live action in Japan but it's been awhile since SM has been featured on US TV. And manga is not that popular here yet. So the influx of new fans, something very important for a genre like Sailor Moon that's geared toward younger girls, is simply not happening. And many fans who were brought in during SM's run on Cartoon Network are now "outgrowing" the fandom.

Speaking of the live action, I'm really not that excited about it. Just like the anime, it does some odd Shitennou/Senshi stuff. Maybe it's just me but why can't those poor inner senshi and the poor tortured shitennou have some kind of happiness. And dammit, Endymion needs friends too. And I'm just not up to incorporating yet another canon into the already fractured Sailor Moon universe. Maybe that's why I'm pretty much a manga girl.

But this sailor moon die off is a very sad thing. On the plus side, I'm surprised and pleased to see the size of the shitennou community on It's the second largest sm community - the first being those annoying Usagi/Mamoru shippers. (insert manical laughter here)

Ugh, miracle romance or not that boat has been WAY overdone. And who came up with the term shipper for "favorite fandom pairings". It's rather amusing but I like it.

I'm still hoping that someone will decide to dub and/or do a Sailor Moon series for the U.S., but I may just be holding my breath. My ultimate fantasy would be a GOOD anime series with art and stories linked more closely to the manga. But we can all dream.

But I'll still be around, as will Shitennou, probably until I'm old and gray. Some things just get stuck in your heart and you don't want to let go, even if I'm the only left at the end of the day.


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