Shitennou Contest

My little library Shitennou is having a fanfiction contest. This is the very first contest the library has run, so we'll see how things go. The contest runs until April 9th., with a 7 day period of stories being available for reading (although you have those seven days as a grace period for all the lazy people out there) and then voting will be at the forums.

I really didn't want to make a whole lot of rules, but the best fanfiction competitions have some sort of a theme or inspiration. I decided to use the swan lake fairy tale/ballet story as a beginning point. In particular this interpretation.. the only other rules are it needs a shitennou senshi pair (any way you like) and it needs to be at least 500 words. The point of the rules was to leave as much room for interpretation and creativity as possible while still keeping things in a similar vein. And multiple entries are always accepted. In fact I'll probably submit a story (although it won't be able to win, that kind of defeats the whole point).

So the voting will actually begin on Saturday, April 16, early in the morning, probably 7 or 8 eastern.

Every contest has to have some kind of prize, but I'm not loaded with money, so the basic idea is to give out pretty images, and the overall winner gets the story featured in the library and an optional short story written by me.

I'm also doing awards for the most original, best senshi/shitennou characterization, most humorous, and best/most realistic couple interaction.

I'm hoping I get at least a few entries :)


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