Another mini-rant here - I was trying to read an arguably good story and ran into something I despise - songfics. Whoever decided that copying a song's lyrics word for word, splitting it up and sticking it between very SMALL paragraphs of some kind of story, and calling it a songfic. Hell I want to shoot them dead. I don't want a piece of fiction chopped up and thrown between the pages of someone else's COPYRIGHTED works. One of the reasons fanfiction gets away with what it does is that it uses the characters and often the settings of someone else's copyrighted works, but doesn't do anything word for word. You don't see any transcripts of shows posted as fanfiction, do you? And then the people who whine about "but it inspired the story" That's real great and all, but a single line of the song with an authors note saying : this story inspired by blank song by blank group is plenty for me. I'm not a fan of poetry in general, got way too much of that in college, I don't want to read usually rather bad poetry/lyrics in my stories..




That's understandable. There are a *lot* of bad songfics out there, mostly becuz the fanficcers rely mainly on the lyrics to carry the whole story, and also becuz so many will use every top 40 hit that comes out. I've also seen more than a few good songfics, tho, so they're not all bad. But then, I *really* love a lot of music. And, I've written a few myself... Plus, I'm a vidder... not sure where you stand on that since I only just came across this entry in a google search but yea :D

2005-11-10 7:46 pm


I have yet to read a songfic that couldn't be IMPROVED by taking the lyrics out - using a song and it's lyrics to set a tone or theme when you're writing or in the story itself is one thing, but I think more than one line (usually sung by a character) is incredibly corny and out of place

2005-11-14 9:09 am

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