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I hate being pregnant. It's not that I don't want to have a baby or anything, it's the physical junk that goes with pregnancy. And unlike some women who have perfect pregnancies and feel great I tend to get every bad "symptom" known to womankind. I'm a freak of nature. It sucks. Humans should procreate like marsupials or seahorses. Just the thought of my husband lugging around baby for the second half of the pregnancy makes me laugh with fiendish delight.

I actually downloaded a little countdown program and set it up for 12:30 p.m. on the 19th - my scheduled C-section. Some day I'll tell the stories of why I've had three c-sections already and why they really don't want me to try labor again. I'm still here, still fat, however they did an ultrasound last week and I got some great pictures of the little squirt. Most definitely a girl (saw all the parts :) And she has HAIR - quite a bit actually - which means I may actually get a dark haired child. I currently have two dirty blondes and a redhead, which is strange because my hair is really dark. Then again I only have one with my brown eyes (which are supposed to be dominate, yes?), one with bright blue eyes, and one with weird color change hazel eyes. Gene combination is a weird thing. She also has the round head and chubby cheeks and nice little nose - which means she'll look just like her brothers. All my kids seem to look alike. The only big differences are coloring and the youngest has a different chin.

Anyway, I've been forcing myself to do some cleaning. The upstairs bathroom was growling at me and the floor goes crunch when you walk over it. A side effect? If I'm not on my back I've been getting braxton-hicks from hell. Like every 2-5 minutes constantly. The only thing that shuts them off is going to sleep which is bad, because I haven't been sleeping much. My youngest decided to hit the terrible twos, and that means bedtime and naptime consists of screaming for an hour before settling down. How can you fight a nap when you're so tired you have bags under your eyes and you can't stop rubbing them? I don't understand kids. Then he thinks that 6 a.m. is happy wake up mom time and he's been having bad dreams - so I get to get up several times a night to visit the upstairs bathroom plus deal with crying almost two-year-old. And like all pregnant women in the last few weeks, getting comfortable enough to sleep is hard and usually doesn't happen until after midnight.

In remodeling news, although the shower is in the toilet is not. GRRR, I just want my bathroom done. I still have to stain the doorways and doors. I haven't had the energy to accomplish that as of late, instead I've been cleaning the bathroom from hell. Three days and I still don't have the thing done. Add to that the fact that this coming week will be crazy busy - a birthday for my youngest, Easter and all that jazz, oldest starts soccer so that's practices and games to deal with, and parent teacher conferences, ugh, I'll be lucky to catch my breath.

I'm hoping my poor brain will return to normal after all this hormonal and physical weirdness, I'd really like to slide into a real routine and get back to writing and coding again. And thank goodness the kids go back to school on monday - spring break is designed to torture parents.


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