So...I decided to set up subversion using webdav so my phpfanfiction repository could be opened up "to the public" for viewing. I didn't install view cvs or anything, cause I'm kind of lazy that way. I used fedora rpms to put it on because I didn't want to bother with compiling. I really hate compiling... I don't know why I just do.

It really is rather easy to set up using webdav, my one complaint would be options for authentication. Right now I'm using basic http auth for the thing, but although you can set up a parent directory for multiple subversion repositories (which I did) there doesn't seem to be any way to set up multiple htpasswd files for http auth. Now I could probably mess around with some additional apache modules - e.g. mod_mysql_auth or something, but I'm too damn lazy for that too. And I really don't have the need yet, but there may come a day when that is a problem. Now I can use mod_subversion_authz or whatever it's called to set up a file that manages people into groups and such, but I don't need that functionality yet. Another day maybe.

Anyway, I did look at the trac system a bit. It's what wordpress plugins uses for their management stuff and it is rather nice, but it's in python. I know there's been chatter on the pecl developer's mailing list about an svn extension and I think php needs one, but I'm not handy in C, to say I was a beginner would be an understatement, since I'm really not even interested in learning, but the point is that trac system could very easily be replicated in php if there was a decent php/svn extension. Now theoretically you could do one by using http requests sent from php, but that might get messy. I dunno. There are language bindings for java, python, perl and C++, and there is a straight c version so a php version shouldn't be that difficult to do, but no one has accomplished it yet. So here's my whine for any C people out there...I want a subversion extension in pecl...please???

Php DOES have a cvsclient extension in pecl but it ISN'T finished. GRRRR. Maybe I'll have to break down and learn some C just so I can have a couple useful extensions. I've also been trying to pin down how to use xsl to format the subversion browsing but have had less than no luck finding useful, complete documentation for that. Isn't that always how it is. Damn.

Anyway, the subversion repo is up and running just jim dandy, and tortoisecvs and tortoisesvn work like a charm together on the same machine and with the repo so I'm a happy camper.


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