Switching jobs, picking pickles...errr...PECL's

Life's been pretty busy for me lately. I'm switching jobs (more on that later) and starting to get into the article writing and podcast gig.

PECL Picks is a new series for PHP Abstract that I'm doing that is about different PECL extensions (the cool ones). If you're a PECL extension author and want to "pick" your own extension, give me a mail or im, you have first dibs on your fine work ;)

I'm hoping to do one podcast a month for PECL Picks. The idea is to showcase cool extensions (or extensions that could be cool but need some love), highlighting what they do, how they can help a PHP developer, and what their development status currently looks like. So if you want to learn about something useful hidden in PECL, be on the lookout for PHP Abstract's PECL Picks.

That's all there is to see here folks...move along...


Antony Dovgal

Does PECL/haru look interesting enough for you? =)

2007-11-30 12:33 pm


Yes it's on the list ;) The sheer number of "wow this is really cool" stuff in pecl is slightly mind boggling, I'll be busy for quite awhile

2007-12-02 2:57 pm

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