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Blog Updated

I finally stopped being lazy and updated my blog to the latest wordpress (even updated my plugins) so if you can't manage to post a comment or find a bug please fling me an email. Someone really needs to create PHP blogging software with configurable templating systems and databases (Habari is looking good, but I don't …

Introducing Perisama.net

Well, I've been promising to get the autobuilds site "alive" for weeks now - finally you can find what you're looking for at http://perisama.net

Php User Streams - why doesn't anyone use them?

Php user streams are amazing - they're powerful, fun, and make things like a templating system with filters and multiple back ends quick and easy.

Builds for gtk2 additional widgets

There has been a great deal of work done to get some additional gtk widgets as extensions for PHP-GTK2. These widgets include GtkSourceview, GtkSpell2, GtkHtml, GtkExtra, LibGlade and LibSexy (now watch as the hits climb over having sexy in this blog post...)

If you can compile it....

No I'm not dead...although my brain feels like it is. I've been working on getting large quantities of php extensions compiling on windows...which requires a great deal of hunting down (and often compiling) libraries.

Compiling PHP5.2 on Windows with .Net toolchain - is it even possible?

For three days I fought with compiling PHP5.2 on windows. The point was to be able to compile PHP-GTK2 a little more often (there are at least two bugfixes in CVS that I need for my writer project) and asking on the list/irc for compiled versions got me some smartass answer about "learn to do it …

Writer is shaping up

I had a good portion of writer done before I realized I was copying the same things over and over again - so I took a breath and refactored so I had a parent abstract window class for all those identical windows.  And moved to using GtkActions (by the way - actions make life a LOT …

Amusing quotes...

There was a little spat on the php.internals mailing list over the future of dl.  The docs have been updated to say that dl will still exist for cgi and cli in php6.

I didn't set out to be a documentor...

So I've been doing a "daily doc" for php-gtk2. I was on IRC one night and christian weiske was whining about wanting people to help with documentation. Now, I'd never done anything with docbook before (and php/php-gtk's bastardized docbook is even more "fun" than the original) and I was afraid.

Windows sucks... but we already knew that

So I've been working on some command line tools and wanted to add some color to the text (red for fail, green for pass... Testing ya know?) Now most console tools allow you to use something called ansi escape codes. The right code and, voila, red text on a white background. This is a pretty basic …

Wordpress, multiple users, and direction

What's the one thing moveable type has that causes people to flip from wordpress? Multiple blogs "out of the box". However, there are a lot of people (like this) who would like that support. (Just like there are a lot who would like some db abastraction) I looked around a bit and found that there are …

People are stupid...

Need a good laugh?

My poor webcomics...

Inverloch is one of my favorite webcomics - the art is very good and so far the story is intriguing. I have to say that quite a few of my favorite webcomics seem to be meeting very sad fates...

I hate computers sometimes

It's not even really the software that gives me such headaches, it's the hardware. I have another motherboard blowout (urgh) - I absolutely hate that. It's always such a hard thing to test for, because I really don't like to totally rip apart another functioning computer just to check on a broken one. After checking to …

Webservers on Windows - Apache, Mysql and Php Installation

WAMP installation for dummies
After yet another post on php.windows mailing list by users on "how do make mysql work" and viewing some (often incorrect) installation instructions I've decided to do a "Windows Installation for Dummies" for people who seem to have trouble with WAMP (Windows, Apache, Mysql, Php) installs. I'll also include some supplementary information …


By Aurora Eos Rose

Pink take two

Well, the design SHOULD be done now, yell if you have any problems. I've created an "IE is stupid" stylesheet (appropriately called stupid.css) so the blog, although VERY plain and VAGUELY ugly, is perfectly usable and readable - if you just hide all the pngs and undo the fancy positioning it works just jim dandy.




Redemption - The Past

Redemption Part 2– The Past
By Aurora Eos Rose

pretty in pink

So, a new layout for the blog - I was playing. It does not work in Internet Explorer and I'm too damn lazy to take the time to fix it. The new IE7 (javascript solution) will be out next week, I'll tack it onto my header template so IE people can read the site in a …

Revenge of the Sith buzz is ...GOOD?

He got a standing ovation at Cannes, the movie reviews are positive, and it's said Steven Spielberg helped out so the film won't suck... do we finally have a GOOD prequel star wars movie? I'll hold my breath, but I won't get to see it until Saturday, since it's the last few weeks of school I …