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Treeviews and Cell Renderer Properties - Practical PHP-GTK

I get this question a lot - "How do I change the background color of a single cell in a treeview?"

Zendcon 2008 wrap up

I recently had the privilege of attending Zendcon 2008 in Santa Clara, CA I ended up doing four talks (two regular, one panel, and one Unconference talk) in addition to working a few hours a day. It was a lot of fun, as conferences always are, and it was great to meet my friends that I …

PHP-GTK 2.0.0 Released (finally)

For those of you who didn't know - PHP-GTK 2 finally hit a final 2.0.0 release (on leapday of all things). PHP-GTK is a wrapper around GTK, a cross platform library for creating desktop applications. With it you can write desktop apps with PHP. That means no server, just a PHP CLI, the GTK libraries, and …

PHP-GTK2 Beta on Windows

In case you haven't noticed from the glut of other blogs announcing it - PHP-GTK2 beta has been released. A lot has been accomplished from the alpha in terms of fixed bugs, features, and other fun stuff. I've been self-volunteered to do the windows builds. Should be unzip and run on any windows above 95/98, but …

Race for new functions