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Configuring IIS7 without the GUI

If you're like me, you're pretty used to using a text editor to set up your webserver and find gui's quite frankly annoying (and you can't store them in $insert_your_vcs_of_choice)

Cairo Alpha Released

The first alpha of the PECL Cairo extension I've been working on is finally out. Cairo is a 2D graphics library written in C with support for multiple output devices. The extension provides an Object Oriented API, but also includes procedural methods. This is similar to PHP's date and mysqli extensions. The reason for the dual …

Xdebug, Thread Safety, and PHP 5.3

There have been some changes to internal PHP stuff for 5.3, and some don't always show up unless you're looking at your compile logs and testing with thread safety on.

Setting up PhD on Windows

Documentation for PHP

Treeviews and Cell Renderer Properties - Practical PHP-GTK

I get this question a lot - "How do I change the background color of a single cell in a treeview?"