The dissapointment of fanfiction

I love fanfiction. Love it a lot. I think that companies should gather up the best stuff and publish it, it's that good. Sometimes better than the originals. Star Trek should hire some writers off the web, their last scripts have stunk. But there's one think I HATE about fanfiction. The serial nature.

How many of you have been reading some fantastic piece and get to about chapter three or ten...and suddenly realize there's no more. I know I have, I also have been known to swear a blue streak when that happens, and more often then not fire off a pleading note to the author.

Of course, the ultimate irony is that I'm guilty of this in a major way. Excuses aside I just don't seem to have the self control to buckle down and finish a story. I was discussing this with a friend the other day and came to a rather sad conclusion. I don't write in a serial fashion in my mind. So I already know the whole story, what's going to happen. Part of the fun of writing serials is discovering "what happens next". I wrote novel style, I plot it out and fill in the gaps. Result? Unless I have the discipline to sit down and pound out the tale, I'm satisified because in my mind I already know what happens next.

I used to have a couple of "writing buddies"... people who'd bug me on AIM until I'd write for em, and I got some instant feedback so my usual draft, write, rewrite cycle took ten minutes instead of several days. But most of the people that I used to spend a lot of time with online have moved out of college and have real lives to deal with - and my "fandom" seems to be shrinking every day. Without the influx of new manga translations and anime there's no new blood, and Sailor Moon is a fandom that is easily outgrown. I'm an oddity in that I still like it, but I have my own dark spin on Sailor Moon, after all there's a lot of death and dark themes - something the anime glosses over with a heavy brush. There's always the chance that the popular pgsm series (live action) currently showing in Japan will go the way of power rangers and make a splash here in the US, but the storyline, although better than the anime, still doesn't quite meet my standards. I'm a shitennou inner senshi shipper, always have been, always will be :) It's that damn picture, I know. But I also know there are hints of it in the manga for at least two couples, and in the notes of the artbook Naoko mentions she was thinking about previous loves for the senshi and that she'd one day like to write the stories. Ah well, I can dream.

Oops, off on a tangent there. Back to the matter at hand, I'm still trying to finish up my stories so my readers don't have the same feeling I do when they reach the end of a great chapter and realize there's no more to read. But I'm still looking for someone who isn't afraid to bug me night and day about my writing, and who wouldn't mind me going off and starting some random scene for a story in the middle of a conversation.


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