The memories of Minako

She shivered at she stared at the crumbling ruins. A visit to the dark kingdom wasn't something a person forgot. She'd helped Endymion escape that time. Her mind spun as the emotions and fears rushed back. She sat down on a piece of rock, ignoring her torn fuku and the ooze coating the once pristine moon sword. Two lifetimes shoved into one mind was slowly driving her insane. She closed her eyes and ignored the tears of confusion and frustration that slipped down her chin. It wasn't fair. Usagi didn't remember much more than her love for Mamoru, she didn't have the pain of dead embedded in the back of her thoughts every minute of every day. Mina's shoulder's slumped and she felt the heavy weight of failure creeping over her body.

Now her princess and the prince were prisoners of the Dark Kingdom. And she didn't think any heroics with a sword would save them this time.

"Stand and fight, Sailor Brat." Minako groaned. Did it have to be him? Watching Ace die had been bad enough, at least she had always been sure that although Ace might have chased her in other lives, claiming their love was mystic and foretold, he had never loved her and betrayed her. He had never... She shook her head to clear the thoughts and stood up slowly.

"I have a name, you know." She turned to face her adversary, groaning silently at the feverish look in his eyes. Insane, he was absolutely insane. A brilliant crystal was shining in his forehead. She lifted the sword.

"Brat works nicely for what I have in mind." He attacked swiftly and Minako was hard pressed to stand her ground. She stared up into his face. There was a flicker for a moment. Of recognition or anger she couldn't tell.

"Why are you doing this again, Kunzite? Why do you betray him in every lifetime?" Her voice remained steady as she tried to keep his sword away from her throat. Her mind wept with another question, the one she wouldn't allow to leave her lips. Why did you betray me?

"I have no idea what you're talking about." She twisted the sword and slipped underneath his blade. He turned with her motion, attempting to attack again. Their swords locked, this time his throat was the one in danger.

"Then fight whatever is controlling you, wake up. Remember the past." He growled and the two moved again, swords clashing under the lead colored sky. The sound of heavy breathing filled the air. She managed a swipe across his left arm and he staggered backward for a moment. His eyes flashed clear for a moment, the strange light fading to his original gray. He glanced at the wound, but the stone on his forehead shone even brighter.

"I must obey my master." He ran forward, dripping a dull black blood from the wound. Minako grimaced and lifted the sword. By some miracle, or maybe a portion of her that understood what was controlling him, she managed to embed the sword directly in the stone on his forehead. Kunzite fell to his knees, screaming as a brilliant light erupted from the weapon. The sword clattered to the ground and he fell forward. And Minako collapsed, his sword embedded in her right thigh.


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